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A turbo car must pay attention to three errors
Release time:2015.12.31 News source:Yuhuan TRV Throttle Body Co.,ltd,Throttle Body,Throttle Valve Browsing number:

Turbocharging is a term for having heard it many times for every one of the fans. Carol electronic throttle said in the age of the spike in gasoline prices, turbocharger technology also provides better efficiency and energy saving and emission reduction for the engine and contribute to the. Automotive experts, as long as the time to avoid the car maintenance, some misunderstanding, open the "T" model is very simple.

A misunderstanding: the replacement of oil free

In 2012, Mr. Chen Yulin people buy a car with a "T" car, it has been three years since 2014, the vehicle after the maintenance period, in order to save costs, he used a bottle to the vehicle friend sent the expiring non synthetic oil, then two times continuously maintenance, and with a small manufacturers of oil. Recently, Mr. Chen found that when the vehicle is started with a slight jitter, and long run last week also appeared after the engine overheating.

Mr. Chen, the car, and Carol electronic throttle said said in the "drink" oil, the turbocharger is indeed "fragile", in addition to the amount than the naturally aspirated engine, some big, requirement of oil is also higher. Because the design naturally aspirated engine turbocharger, the main shaft adopts a floating type design, the oil filled between the turbine body and main shaft, the main shaft depends on the lubricating oil cooling and lubrication, high viscosity and poor quality oil, poor liquidity, unable to play a better role. Suggested that the owners increase the number of inputs in this regard to vehicles to replace synthetic oils.

Misunderstanding two: to immediately turn off

Miss Li was always is a typical rash and too much in haste, occupation female, this is her reason for buying the "T" model. Because the job needs, she often traveling by car, and each one to the destination, because too tired, she immediately off the flame activities, bones and tendons, not to vehicle breathing space, the time is slightly longer, she found a decline in performance of a vehicle. "Don't run fast." She said.

Carol electronic throttle said turbocharged vehicles after the engine for a long time high load operation, the owner before shutting down the engine must be idle running a few minutes, so that parts can effective cooling and lubrication. And Miss Li this car behavior will make the vehicle often in high speed idling state, the problems related to sudden acceleration as, time is slightly longer, damage to the vehicle bearing, resulting in vehicle functions are affected.

Misunderstanding three: starting an h-throttle

Who lives in Yulin, Sun said, his pursuit of "company distance as long as 10 minutes, from the start, stop, go out together the time control in 10 minutes, so I bought the" T "type of car, car of a vehicle will start after each Meng throttle. Four months after the car, they found the car bearing has a certain degree of injury.

Carol electronic throttle said in a short period of time to raise speed is a major feature of the turbocharged cars, but it is not means that owners can be rude to the car. As a matter of fact, just after the start of pounded the throttle is easy to damage the turbocharger oil seal. "Turbo engine revolution is very high, the vehicle is started, can not be anxious to step on the accelerator pedal should be first run at idle speed for 3 - 5 minutes, the oil pump has plenty of time to oil transported to all parts of the turbocharger, at the same time the oil temperature rose slowly, better liquidity. At this time will speed up 'duck'."

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